BEAN AROUND BOOKS & TEA was founded in 2011 by the well-travelled Dan Ruimy. His vision for the second-hand bookstore and loose leaf tea shop in Maple Ridge grew BEAN into a community space, a place where dialogue and conversation over books, coffee and tea could bring together people of all ages and walks of life. When Dan ran successfully for Parliament in 2015, he had to leave BEAN; he chose to donate his popular shop to a carefully selected non-profit organization that could make the most of all that BEAN offers — Pathfinder Youth Centre Society, founded by Orville and Ruth Lee.

Pathfinder provides proven pathways and holistic support for unemployed at-risk youth (ages 15-30), empowering them with essential skills and knowledge to overcome barriers to employment. Since 2003, the Society has directed over 40 life-changing projects that have enabled jobless youth to become job-ready, prepared to fulfill their potential for success in the work force of their community.

For more information on Pathfinder, visit our website:  www.pathfinderyouthsociety.org.

As a social enterprise, BEAN AROUND BOOKS & TEA operates under a non-profit status, as a training facility where youth prove they can overcome barriers to employment by gaining work experience as baristas and servers, in a work environment that is welcoming, neighbourly and community-oriented. BEAN provides a measure of sustainability for Pathfinder’s mentorship program, so that the youths who are gaining work experience and hospitality job skills at BEAN are helping to sustain the very program in which they are participating.

Mission Statement:

To provide hospitality industry work experience for youth, in the supportive context of a diverse, multi-cultural community of patrons at BEAN AROUND BOOKS & TEA.

Pathfinder’s vision is to maintain BEAN as a sustainable social enterprise, to build on the legacy of Dan Ruimy MP, and to truly honour the generosity of his donation of BEAN to Pathfinder Youth Centre Society. We deeply appreciate your support for the youth of your community!

BEAN will always be a cozy space for socializing and a favourite place for all to visit and enjoy a soothing cup of premium loose leaf tea, or an uplifting cup of fresh coffee, and where book-lovers can stumble on extraordinary discoveries and anyone can participate in special events.

Orville and Ruth Lee also hope to bring home a love of reading to the youth who come to BEAN AROUND BOOKS & TEA, and open their minds to a lifetime of literary enjoyment.

The friendly BEAN community invites you to join us for a delicious beverage, some engaging discussion and digression, or a special event, such as Death Café (1st Thursday of the month), or Games Night (Last Friday). For more info, please see our Events Calendar.

We are welcoming and accepting of diverse opinions, tastes and interests. Don’t be shy!

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