Hot Coffee Drinks

Hot Coffee Drinks


Americano ~Espresso shot into hot water. Medium or Dark Roast.

Decaf Americano ~Decaf espresso shot into hot water.

Steamers ~Steamed 1% milk combined with your choice of one of our delicious flavor syrups!

Hot Chocolate ~A customer favorite! These wildly popular hot chocolates are made with steamed 2% milk, infused with delicious chocolate & caramel! Topped with whipped cream & drizzled with caramel & chocolate sauce!

Cafe Latte ~Our creamy lattes are combined with espresso & steamed 2% milk.

Cappuccino ~Our rich cappuccinos are made with espresso &, steamed 2% milk & foam.

Cafe Mocha  ~Handcrafted mochas made with chocolate, steamed 2% milk & espresso. Topped with whipped cream.

Caramel Macchiato ~A fan favourite! Delicious caramel macchiatos made with espresso, caramel syrup & steamed 2% milk. Topped with caramel drizzle.