The Flipside of Gynostemma

Hi everyone! How are your Wednesdays going?

So as I mentioned yesterday, I got some not so hot  responses from a brutally honest review I wrote on Bean Around Books & Tea’s Gynostemma Green Tea.

Now, may I firstly say, I am probably not going to like every tea I review. If I did I would probably be hiding my true feelings for some of the teas and then it wouldn’t be as accurate as a review.

That being said, I pushed some buttons with my review and as a response, my good friend and friendly neighborhood barista at Bean Around Books, Miss Abby, wrote a rebuttal, which I promised I would put up.

And so here we are – The Flipside of Gynostemma is the name of this post.

Read from a different perspective, it might change your mind. It has not changed my mind (one customer, who was and remains, in fact an avid drinker of Gynostemma,  joked I wasn’t getting anything for Christmas after reading the review), but to each their own, correct?

Read Abby’s rebuttal below and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!

Cheers! Lindsay 🙂


In Defense of Gynostemma

Hello everyone, this is Abby, you friendly, neighborhood, weekday morning barista.

Recently my esteemed coworker Lindsay tried our Gynostemma tea and, while she liked the numerous health benefits it provides, she did not
particularly care for the taste.

Well, I’m sitting here, enjoying my second
cup of Gynostemma today, as is my ritual before I drag myself off for a
workout at the gym. Now, I don’t claim to know everything about every
single tea we sell, and this is one that I paid absolutely no attention to
until about a year ago, when we inexplicably started selling a large amount
of it. I asked one of my customers who had just ordered a cup, and he said,
“Dan told me it was good for me.”

Okay then.

That being as good a reason as any to try a cup of tea, I did a quick Google search and made myself a cup.

I have probably consumed dozens of cups of the stuff since.

I think part of Lindsay’s issue with her tea-tasting is that she steeped
her tea bag a little too long. Green teas are delicate, and they become
bitter very easily. Whereas she steeped her tea for 4-5 minutes, I would
recommend no more than 3 minutes for your first steep. Seriously, time it.
The nice thing about green tea is that you can use your tea bag over and
over; you just steep it a little longer each time.

To me, it’s a pleasant taste. If you like plain green tea, you will
probably like Gynostemma. I can see where Lindsay would find it a little
grassy, but I also find it to be a touch sweeter than your average green
tea, and not as bitter (that is, if you don’t over-steep it).

It’s one of those teas that makes you feel healthy, if you know what I mean.

So there you go. We are not always going to like every tea we try, and as a
regular green tea drinker, I wanted to add my two cents. If you are bored
of Sencha, give this one a try.


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