The Power of Pu-Erh


How are YOU on this (really chilly!) Wednesday?

I know this is a cheesy phrase to use courtesy of its connection to Game Of Thones, but … Winter is coming. No really it’s coming! It’s been really cold outside these days.

My hands are feeling a little chilly today. I had a London Fog earlier on so I have nothing to hold onto to keep my hands warm. I have wool gloves in my purse I could wear but I think I wouldn’t be able to type if I wore them.

And frankly, I might look little a stupid.

Anyways, yesterday I put up a Tea At A Glance post  about Bean Around Books’ Scottish Caramel Pu-Erh Specialty Tea and as I said yesterday I was planning on doing a Tea Culture on Pu-Erh tea!

So that is the plan for today. You ready? Alright let’s delve right in.


Pu-Erh Tea is grown in the Yunnan Province of China. The leaves are harvested and grown in countries along the Lancang River. Each estate produces its own special type of leaves, ranging from the tips and strong stems grown on estate cultivated plants to the highly prized large and soft, silver leaves picked from plants and trees that grow wild on the hillsides. Some trees are said to be over 1,000 years old. Pu-Erh that is aged longer is supposed to taste better.

Pu-Erh Tea comes in two forms: Green (Sheng) and Black (Shou), depending on how the leaves are processed. Both Green & Black varieties of Pu-Erh go through the same steps of Withering – Rolling/Forming, Drying and Steaming/Shaping.

Green Pu-Erh has been around for centuries but the process of Black Pu-Erh Tea was first developed in 1973 and the first Black Pu-Erh Teas came on the market in 1975.

Health Benefits

Pu-Erh Tea is often used as a way to lower cholesterol due to the tea containing a chemical called Lovastatin. Lovastatin is a prescription medicine used to lower cholesterol. Scientists believe that the bacteria which sometimes contaminate Pu-erh Tea may somehow produce Lovastatin the course of its normal life-cycle.

Pu-Erh Tea also contains a significant amount of caffeine, which provides mental alertness. Pu-Erh Tea is also known for its soothing properties, which makes it a great tea to consume after eating heavy or greasy meals. Pu-Erh Tea also has other health benefits such as blood cleansing properties and is known to aid the process of weight loss.

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Stay Tuned for another post soon, and thanks for reading!

Cheers! Lindsay 🙂


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