Tea At A Glance: Moroccan Mint

Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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Hi everybody! I’m happy to report it is Friday! Yay!

Today up on the blog, we have another Tea At A Glance feature, on Bean Around Books & Tea’s Moroccan Mint Green Tea.

I love doing reviews on our teas because it gives me a chance to try a new tea and check it off my list.

My goal is to review all of our teas, which might take a while seeing as there are 70 different kinds! That is 70 cups of tea. Holy Noodle.

So – Moroccan Mint. Let’s get started!

Mint tea is very popular in Morocco and North Africa, hence the name Moroccan Mint tea. Moroccan Mint only has two ingredients and it is a custom blend made at Bean Around Books, which means you can’t get it anywhere else:

  • Gunpowder Green Tea – Fun Fact! This tea is named Gunpowder because the Sencha tea which it is made of is rolled into little pellets, resembling gunpowder grains.
  • Peppermint Green Tea

Both of these teas can be bought separately at Bean Around Books, or you can buy them in a delicious minty combination better known as Moroccan Mint.

Moroccan Mint, smells like … well … mint. Really yummy mint! We do have plain Peppermint and plain Spearmint but this is a good combination if you want a green tea with a bit of a bolder taste. When you smell the tea, it clears all your sinuses up.

It smells really pure, a solid green mint tea, which I would recommend if you are looking for a green tea that is perhaps a bit more flavorful than other, perhaps more plain green tea. We do have fruity green teas as well, such as our Passion fruit Green Tea or our Peach Mango Green Tea, but is more minty.

The tea also has the great taste of mint. This is a great go to tea if you feel a sore throat coming on – the peppermint is a big help in aiding sore throats. Add a little bit of honey and that makes it even more beneficial.

As always, you can buy any of our tea in store at Bean Around Books or online at http://www.beanaroundbooks.com.

That’s it for now! Stay Tuned for the next Tea At A Glance Feature! Cheers! Lindsay 🙂

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

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