The Ruckus About Rooibos

Hi all! How are things going on this Thursday morning?  🙂

Today on the blog I am going to do another feature on “Tea Culture”, where I tell you all about a particular type of tea, including how it is produced and its health benefits.

So far we have touched base with the production and health benefits of green and black tea in past posts but today we are going to be talking about Rooibos tea.

The production process

Rooibos tea is a special kind of tea, simply because the plant which is used to make Rooibos tea, Aspalathus linearis, is only grown and cultivated in one part of the world: the Western Cape province of South Africa.

The tea is actually not technically a tea, but the tea gets its name from the infusion which occurs from the oxidation process of Rooibos leaves, hence Rooibos tea.  The fermented tea is red in color, hence it is more commonly referred to as red rooibos.

Most Rooibos plants take a year and a half to cultivate and farmers in some cases have to wait up to three years for the bushes to be in full production. The tea is then sorted into 3 different grades – Super, Choice and Standard. All Rooibos tea is evaluated according to taste, flavor and color.

Health Benefits

Rooibos tea is different from other teas in that is has absolutely no caffeine, therefore it is recommended to people who suffer from insomnia, to drink a cup of rooibos tea before bed.

There are many short term health benefits that can be achieved from drinking Rooibos tea in particular: aiding headaches, eczema, insomnia, asthma, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies and premature aging.

As with every tea category I have spoken about so far, Rooibos tea contains polyphenols, which are organic chemicals with antioxidants capabilities, and includes antinflammatories and antiviral qualities.

Rooibos tea has also been shown to improve infant health, specifically children who suffer from colic or stomach pains

In addition, Rooibos tea is a great remedy for you skin: The alpha hydroxy acid and the zinc content of red tea are very good for your skin. It is also recommended you apply red tea powder directly to your skin to relieve acne, pimples, sunburn or related skin conditions. Alpha hydroxy acids are not found naturally from too many sources, but in terms of cosmetic products, it has become very popular, particularly because it can reduce signs of wrinkles and other premature aging symptoms.

We have a wide selection of Rooibos teas in store at Bean Around Books & Tea, including such flavors as our B.C. Sunset, our Marzipan Rooibos ( both of which I have done Tea At A Glance Features of on The Tea Blog) and our Mango Rooibos which is also very popular.

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Check back soon for another Tea Culture Feature!

Thanks for reading! Cheers! Lindsay 🙂


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