Tea At a Glance: Organic Creamy Coconut

004 (8)

The size of this mug got me like O_O

Heeeeeeey everyone! TGIF hey? How is your Friday going?

Today’s Tea at a Glance Feature will be on ….. wait for it ….. drumroll …..

a Green Tea!

I have yet to actually make a post about a Green Tea, simply because I had never been in the mood to drink green tea and/or review green tea, despite the fact that my recent Tea Culture post is all about Green Tea, where I talk about the benefits of drinking green tea everydaywhich you can find here: https://beanaroundbooksteablog.wordpress.com/category/tea-culture/ 

Today’s Green Tea of choice to review is Bean Around Books & Tea’s Organic Creamy Coconut Tea. It looks like this:

004 (7)

Those big beige bits are coconut pieces – I want to eat them all!! OM NOM NOM.

Although the name implies Coconut, this tea has a bit of a vanilla scent to it as well. It smells really amazing, and although my sense of smell is lacking a bit ( still got this darn head cold), it sounds pretty good right?

The vanilla scent you pick up is actually a part of the ingredients list, an ingredients list that is comprised of 4 things and that’s it! Simplicity  at its best, no artificial flavors or fillers:

Ceylon, Vanilla Bean, Coconut & Natural Flavoring.

Tastes like Green Tea (obviously!) but it’s sweeter than a Green Tea that you would get when you’re at a Japanese restaurant for instance. The coconut and the vanilla make a great combination. I wouldn’t add anything to this tea (not that I typically add milk or sugar to a green tea, but just saying!).

I would recommend this tea if you are not a fan of traditional green teas such as Dragon Well, Sencha or Kukicha, which are a few of the Green Teas we have at Bean Around Books & Tea that I would classify as more traditional tasting, The Creamy Coconut is more in the category of where you would find our Passion Fruit Green Tea or our Luscious Mango Green Tea – a little bit quirky, more fruity and/or sweet, outside the realm of your traditional Green Tea.

As always, all of our teas are available to try in store. You can also purchase any of our premium loose leaf teas in store or online at https://beanaroundbooks.com/

Ahhh – turned into kind of a dreary, rainy Friday didn’t it? I’m off in 12 minutes so I’m feeling pretty good. Drinking some Green Tea, jamming to some Lana Del Rey – a good combination right?

That’s it for me folks! Stay tuned for the next Tea At A Glance Feature!

Cheers! Lindsay 🙂

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