Tea at a Glance: Juicy Black Currant

Juicy Black Currant tea

Juicy Black Currant tea

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Hello to you all today! How are your Thursdays going? Almost the weekend!

Today, I am doing another Tea at a Glance post, reviewing Bean Around Books’ Juicy Black Currant tea.

I know I have yet to do a post about Green Tea (I’ve done Wellness, Rooibos, Black Tea – but no Green Tea!), but I will! I was feeling a fruity black tea today, and that is what I did! So just hang in there, and Green Tea will be coming your way soon!

Annndd … it just started raining outside …. great. Onward and forward with the review!

Our Juicy Black Currant Tea is made with full leaf black tea, organic rosehips, tea flowers, organic cornflower and natural flavors – a natural and organic tea.

Now … I don’t know about you, but I actually enjoy reading labels I can pronounce, containing ingredients I can pronounce, and that is strictly what you will find in Bean Around Books’ tea. Not artificial flavors or colors. Promise. In the pictures above you can see what the tea looks like ( looks pretty good huh?).

Black Currants is originally a shrub which is grown for its berries, so when you first smell the tea, I feel like I’m smelling blackberries, and blueberries – but its the black currants you smell. A very fruity aroma, our Juicy Black Currant is also very sweet smelling.

Tastes like berries too! The aftertaste is quite tart, but it is a very sweet tasting tea too!

As always, you can purchase any of our premium loose leaf teas in store or online at http://www.beanaroundbooks.com. Our teas come in 50 gram and 100 gram increments.

Stay Tuned for the next Tea at a Glance! Cheers! Lindsay 🙂

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