Tea at a Glance: Ayurverdic Total Body


“Tea at a Glance” will be a new feature on The Tea Blog at Bean Around Books. We choose a tea to focus on, and discuss it’s ingredients, smells, and benefits. As always, all of our teas are available for purchase online and at our shop. Today’s featured tea is Ayurverdic Total Body – A cornucopia of colors, smells and textures.

Ayurverdic Total Body is truly a gorgeous looking tea – rose pieces, hibiscus leaves and apples. However, I think the smell is what really takes the cake for this tea – spearmint and peppermint, such refreshing and invigorating scents.

This tea is really great if you want to wake up your brain, especially if you’re feeling foggy in the head, sort of the case when  you’re in need of a tea for the morning after a night of partying and shenanigans. It is a very relaxing tea, a solid choice to have in the morning to get your day going, or to wind down with before bed time.

Of course, everyone can enjoy their tea any way they want to, but I don’t envision it as a tea that you would enjoy a cup of with a great book, curled up when you want to have an inside day.

We have this tea for sale at Bean Around Books & Tea in either 50 gram or 100 gram increments. You can also buy this tea online on our website at http://www.beanaroundbooks.com!

Stay tuned for another “Tea At a Glance” feature, coming up soon.

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